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2009 Auctioneer: David Reynolds

"Mixing a bottomless shaft of British wit with ebullient and brash US style and flair, he takes wine auctioneering to a new level," wrote Jeremy Oliver, an Australian wine writer and educator.

David Reynolds charms, cajoles, and entertains with spontaneous one-liners. Along the way, he is transforming the role of fundraising auctioneer into a new kind of performance art. His San Francisco firm, Reynolds & Buckley raises millions of dollars for charities. Their client list includes nearly 100 organizations nationwide.

Unique in a niche of his own creation: his focus is solely on fundraising auctions and he has been at it for over 20 years. Recognized by the wine and food industries as an expert, his events include a long list of vintner and grower sponsored charity auctions.

Luminaries who have shared his stage are Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Tommy Smothers, Chef Emeril Legasse, Robert Mondavi, and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman.

Despite his love of the grape, his events are not limited to wine fundraisers. He also lifts his gavel to offer fine art, travel, dining, sports, and a myriad of other items for charity events nationwide. In typical fashion, he once spontaneously sold two pizzas for $8,000!

While on stage, his boundless energy and witty style keep the bidding lively from start to finish. Yet auctioning is only part of his contribution to a charityıs fundraising success. David is also an expert on the strategies and techniques that make a fundraising auction effective. Colleen Buckley, his wife, is his partner in this venture.

This will be Davidıs 7tth year as auctioneer for the "Symphony of Wine" and the New West Symphony. He has elevated this event to be the most significant fundraiser New West has, and he will have delivered more than a million dollars for its Childrenıs Programs.

Patricia Henley, a Sonoma journalist put it beautifully - "He is like an appealing, rambunctious puppy who is stealing your wallet."

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